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We are two retired educators living on the beach in Florida, 30A area and trying to stay out of trouble.​

Surfside Mosaics

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I received my mosaic as a Christmas gift. I can honestly say it is one of the most treasured gifts I have ever received. It is a true work of art created with magnificient colors and care. The fact that it will never be duplicated makes it even more special. We have ours on our patio where the colors are brought in to life by the natural light of the sun. I love looking at is I drink my morning coffee.

Cindy M.
​Austin,  Texas

​Sparkling Mermaid!

​Surfside Mosaics was started by making gifts for the ones we love. We mosaic everything from windows to bedroom furniture
to bowling balls. Yes! I said bowling balls. You name it, we design it. My husband, Scott, who I lovingly call "Trouble" is the art
designer and I am the worker-bee. I bring his art to life in textiles all colors of the rainbow. The entire process is
​done with much love and patience....and a hammer and an ax..but that is for another story!

Most mosaics are available as postcards, folded notepads
with envelopes, ​or small posters upon request​

(915) 227-2504